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Genabelle PDRN Rejuvenating Mask Sheet

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[HYDRATING & MOISTURIZING] - Instant moisturizing ingredients to help firm and smooth skin, and restore moisture balance. An ultimate healing formula for extremely dry, red, and irritated skin.

[HYPOALLEGENIC MASK] - A ph-balancing vegan mask sheet that is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. Helps clear and improve skin's complexion and firm the skin's barrier while reducing blemishes, giving your skin a fresh and radiant smoothness.

[HTD-GENACOMPLEX TM] - A unique patented complex created with salmon DNA, 3 Layers of Hyaluronic Acid, and Tranexamic Acid. This combination dramatically improves skin elasticity, plumpness, and brightness.

[VEGAN SHEET USED ONLY] - Premium 3D embossing vegan sheet to increase the high absorption rate of the essence deep into the skin.

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100% of subjects showed improvement in fine lines after 2 weeks.

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